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Our tomato powder

Rodolfi Mansueto has been producing and supplying tomato powder for more than fifty years. Our products are addressed to manufacturers of soups, pasta, rice, ready meals and frozen food.

Our modern production facilities have been accurately designed and are being continuously updated.

We have two main production processes for the tomato powder: a modern spray dry plant (Niro-FILTERMAT) atomization spray dry and a traditional system of drying roller.

 concentrato di pomodoro - impianto di produzione

Detail of our tomato powder plant

Our plant is among the largest spray-dry FILTERMAT in the world for the production of tomato powder and is suitable for the production of every kind of vegetable powder. This system is superior to conventional plants for the production of powder, especially with regards to the flavor and the color of obtained powder.

    With this system we obtain two different products:
  • Cold Break tomato powder;
  • Hot Break tomato powder.
At Rodolfi Mansueto we produce Organic Tomato Powder as well.

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