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Tomato Paste

 concentrato di pomodoro - impianto di produzione

Our tomato paste plant

Rodolfi Mansueto produces a wide range of semi-finished tomato for the food industry, with high quality standards and excellent performance.

The tomato is processed into juice, diced and extruded pulps, passata, semiconcentrated and concentrated paste.

    Rodolfi Mansueto offers the full range of concentrates with different texture, both Hot Cold and Break Break:
  • Semiconcentrated Tomato Paste: Semiconcentrated tomato pasteis prepared by evaporating the tomato juice (the remaining 12%, 14% and 16%).
  • Double Concentrated Tomato Paste: Double concentrated tomato paste is obtained by concentrating the juice (28% - 30%, hot break and cold break).
  • Triple Concentrated Tomato Paste: Triple concentrated tomato paste is obtained by concentration of juice (36% - 38% type cold break).

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