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Products' Quality and Respect for the Environment

Our company, with more than one century of experience in tomatoes production and processing, is one of the leading companies in the North of Italy.

We have always been committed to produce, work and plan in full respect for the environment, and our aim is the preservation of natural resources for future generations. In order to reach this ambitious target, we are involved in the research of the best solutions for a proper use of natural resources.

These new certifications complete those already existing and convey to the costumer a new image of our company.

The “Ozzano Taro" plant is surrounded by a very important area, both from a geographical and from a historical point of view, within the Fluvial Regional Park of the Taro river.

In all these years our production has been marked by full respect and harmony with the environment and the surrounding nature.

    High quality in our manufacturing comes from many factors:
  • High technology production systems;
  • Selected raw material through careful studies on varieties of tomatoes and analysis of the characteristics of the ground;
  • Selection of best quality tomatoes (wastes are thrown away trough optical photocell)
  • The company's own high specialized laboratories, carrying out chemical – physical – microbiological – organoleptic analysis;
  • Research laboratories developing new products;
  • Carefully selected package suppliers (boxes, aseptic bags, jars, tubes ect.) suppliers, as well as suppliers in other materials and service, fundamental for the end-product.

BRC Level "A" and IFS "Higher Level" Certification

    Since crop 2008 we reached two new quality standards:
  • BRC Level "A";
  • IFS "Higher Level".

The BRC standard is drawn up from the British Retail Consortium, the association which represents 90% of Anglo-Saxon retailers, just like the IFS standard, International Food Standard.

The purpose of these standards is to create a common base, recognized by international retailers and the food industry, through which tha qualitative and hygienic-sanitary performances can be verified.

With the acquisition of these new standards we reached the maximum level of guaranteed security for the customer.

Quality Certifications