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Tomato Powder

polvere di pomodoro

Our Tomato Powder

Rodolfi Mansueto S.p.A. has been producing and supplying the tomato powder for over 50 years. Our modern systems for the production of tomato powder have been designed accurately and they are continuously updated.

    We have two main production processes for the tomato powder:
  • a very modern spray-dry Niro-Filtermat system
  • a traditional roller system

Details and technical sheet:

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Semi-Finished Tomato Products

 concentrato di pomodoro - impianto di produzione

Tomato paste production plant

Rodolfi Mansueto S.p.A. produces a wide range of semi-finished tomato products for the food industry, with high qualitative standard and a high yield.

    The available semi-finished products are:
  • chopped tomato
  • passata (brix 7%, 8%, 9%, 10%)
  • semi tomato paste (brix 12%, 14% and 16%)
  • double tomato paste 28%, 30% hot break and cold break
  • Triple tomato paste 36%, 38% cold break
  • Pizza sauce 8% - 12% - 14%

Details and technical sheets:

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Dried Vegetables

Dried pumpkin, zucchini, broccoli,

Impianto per la produzione di concentrato di pomodoro

Rodolfi Mansueto produces vegetables dehydrated using the Air Dry method, ie by bringing hot and dry air with washed and cut vegetables. This process, seemingly simple, requires a great technological and agricultural background, in order to maintain unchanged the characteristics of the fresh vegetables as much as possible.

Details and technical sheets:

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