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The best Italian tomatoes, picked up at the right point of ripening, selected and processed by the end of the day, are the base of the Alpino brand.

The products of the Alpino brand vary from our chopped tomatoes, excellent for the kitchen of main courses, our finely chopped tomatoes perfect for pizza, pulped tomatoes, dense and creamy, to our tomato paste, rich and savoury to prepare sauces.

Furthermore, we are using the innovative aseptic system of the Bag in Box, which conserves all the fragrances of the fresh tomato offering the comforts of a modern packaging.


  • Polpa

    Alpino crushed tomato

    This crushed tomato is obtained from the best part of the tomatoes, picked up and transformed within a day in the fields of the Po River Valley in Italy. Without additives and preservatives, ripened under the Italian sun.

    [ Crushed and Chopped Tomato ]

  • Polpa Pizza

    Alpino chopped tomato for pizza

    Finely chopped tomato studied for pizza to guarantee the natural aroma of fresh tomato.

    [ Crushed and Chopped Tomato ]

  • Crème Passata

    Alpino Creme Passato tomato puree

    The passata is a symbol of the traditional processing. Thick and savoury it allows to prepare all dishes with quickness.

    [ Tomato Purèe ]

  • Tomato Paste 28/30

    Alpino tomato paste 28/30

    One kg of tomato double paste extracted by the evaporation of 6 kg of fresh tomato and it conserves all the properties of tomatoes.

    [ Tomato Paste ]