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More than a century of life and work dedicated to tomato

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Four generations of manufacturers have been running a company with a fascinating history. This company undertaking starts in Remigio's works in San Pancrazio, is then carried on by Mansueto, determined in grounding an industry in Ozzano.

The company goes through the terrible years of the first and second world war, expanding then again, after the reconstruction and until today, thanks to genuine self-confident entrepeneurs.

Third generation industrialists Lucio and Giuseppe transformed the Alpino brand and particularly Ortolina in one of the flagships of Parma's food industry.
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The brand “Alpino"

Alpino brandMansueto, very keen on history and ex member of the Italian alpine troops, decided to label tomato-made products manufactured in Ozzano with the Alpino brand. The old picture portrayed, in the middle, a soldier on the top of a mountain, with a stick and a rifle on his shoulder.

Bunches of tomaotoes used to be the frame of the picture, together with all the medals the company was awarded with, thanks to its industrial activity.

As time went by, the brand “Alpino" got updated: the rifle was taken over by a bundle of ropes; also coins and medals, evidence of a glorious past, were removed.

The original ready-sauce: “Ortolina: l'orto in cucina" (“Ortolina: the taste of freshly-plucked vegetables, from the garden to your kitchen!")

Ortolina commercial adIn 1936 an old homemade recipe gives birth to the idea of Ortolina. Virginia, Mansueto's wife,  informally called Ida, was given a recipe by a friend of hers, for cooking a sauce with tomatoes and vegetables. Ida used to serve it at dinners on sunday and festive occasions,  to flavour boiled meat.

Mansueto came up with the idea of manufacturing this tasty sauce. Ortolina was the first ready sauce on the market. In the slogan “l'orto in cucina" was conveyed at the same time the idea of a home made and genuine product.

The brand new package was immediatly successful and popular: it was a tube in a seductive colourful case. Since then almost nothing has changed. Old people still refer to “Ortolina" as one of the oldest  and most successful products on the market.

History: important steps

1896 First small factory run by Remigio Rodolfi

1906 Rodolfi Mansueto founded the company Mansueto Rodolfi

1930's Castelguelfo plant established

1950's Copper machinery replaced by stainless stell. First plant for tomato powder processing

1970's Start of tomato sauce production for all the brand names

1980's Becomes Rodolfi Masueto S.p.A.

1996 ISO 9002 Certificate gained

1997 Brand new plant, unique in Europe, for processing tomato powder (Filtermat - Niro Soavi - spray drying system)

1998 New warehouse opened of 12.000 square metres

2000 Ortolina brand for retail

2004 Over 120.000 tons of fresh tomatoes processed

2006 Conclusion of the new warehouse for the storage of the products of 6.000 square metres

2008 Since crop 2008 we obtained two new quality standard certifications: BRC level "A" and IFS "Higher Level"

2013 Awarded with ICEA Organic Certification

2013 The Rodolfi Group grows with the acquisition of Von Felten, a company specialized in semi-finished products for the food industry for tomato, dried vegetables, spray dry powders and semi-finished products for the confectionery industry

2016 The Von Felten company is merged into Rodolfi Mansueto SpA.